Saturday, January 23, 2016

1979 Liberati Professional ( I should have walked away)

There is a term sometimes used when discussing
 old vehicles or objects, 'survivor', which is
pretty self explanatory, an unrestored example
in better than average condition, often with 
nice patina.
I think there should be another term, survived.
Which would mean, rough, but original and intact.
This is the exact state of this 1979 Liberati Professional
I have just unearthed.
From five feet, you might think, mmm not to bad...
but in reality, unless you where fully committed to a total 
restoration, this machine wouldn't be for you.
Luckily I am, well I am now.
Don't get me wrong, this really is a beautiful Italian
superbike, and what is coolest about it, is that this is 
exactly how it came built up from Cicli Literati in 1979.
Very pretty chrome panto lug's (nicely thinned), fork crown.
All the chrome on the frame will need lots of
linishing work and rechroming.
New cable eyes on the top tube will need to be brazed on.
 One of the things that I instantly liked about this bike, 
is that it isn't just all Super Record, 
it is a mixed gruppo in the finest
pre single groupset tradition.
 SR derailleurs and shifters of course, 
notice white high light in drop out triangle.
Universal CX brake set is nice.
Nicely sculptured Galli Chainset with Campagnolo 
chain rings, plenty of lushous Italian 70's pantograph.
SR pedals with Fides super light record cages.

Cicl Liberati  shop, Tuscolano, Rome late 1950's.
More pantograph, SR seat pin.
3TTT bar set...more panto.
Primo Liberati and his wife Gabriella opened
Cicli Liberati in 1957.
Literati had been a enthusiastic amateur road man, 
so opening and cycle business was natural for him.
Apparently the Liberati brand was very active in supporting
amateur cycle racing clubs in Rome.
Unfortunately I can't seem to find much information
on the brand, however they are still operating,
so I will attempt to get some more history directly
from them.
Photo of the Liberati shop taken a couple of years back.
 The reason why I didn't walk away from this project.
I am pretty fussy about the seat cluster area, don't know
why, I just am.
This seat cluster is one of the nice ones, especially the
chrome seat binder, it's surprising you don't see this
more often, such a nice little finishing touch.

When I saw this machine, sitting right down the back 
dark corner of that old Italian guys garage, 
probably untouched for at lest 20 or more years.
 I thought, I know I shouldn't, but I
am going to restore this beautiful machine, it has 
survived, but probably not for much longer. 

I aim to have this one finished for next summer.
It will be a stunner.

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