Monday, May 11, 2015

Rebuilt Bianchi and Saronni

I have been very slack at recording
all the beautiful, interesting frames and 
bikes I restore for other people,
so after enough tut tutting from everybody,
I have started to record the bikes that come through 
the workshop.
Here are a couple I have finished of late.

 Neils Bianchi.

 This one didn't actually have chrome on the fork crown,
lugs or rear caps, but when Neil stripped it, we saw that the 
whole bike had been chromed, just to have 
it's fork tips and right stay in chrome.
I spent the better part of a day polishing the lugs, 
fork crown and you can see the result,
  quite nice we both thought.

Dennis Saronni  

 This Saronni was the proverbial sow's ear, it's chrome
was very rough, and the frame had numerous little dents.
Rechroming was not really an option, as the work to get
the steel back to a condition where it could be redone was
just too prohibitive, especially for this frame set,
 maybe if it was a Colnago it isn't.
 I managed to save the chrome on the fork ends,
cable guide on the rear stay and the chain holder, 
the rest was epoxy etch primed, and slowly built
up with spray putty.
Came out pretty nice.

Neils other Bianchi 980

 One of those rare frames that you don't have to do 
anything to (apart from one small dent), just

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