Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Here we have a completely original 
Holdsworth Professional Sprint Track bike..
as raced.

 Notice the large pop rivets, which aren't meant to be 
on the Pro frame sets.

Professional Sprint on top tube.

The classic Holdsworth seat wrap with their 
signature hand lining. 

Bike came fitted with
Sugino track cranks
Normandy hubs on Fiamme rims
3TTT seat pin
Concor saddle
3TTT stem
Cinelli bars


  1. I think that is my old Holdsworth! the Galli seatpost gives it away as i painted it in the Italian tri colour ( normal fluting colour was black) the post would have come from Hills Cycles back in the day my Father Gerry Carter (who is on the start list of the early Wiseman Tours) bought it for me back around 1981 i remember my 1st ride on it was on the old Papatoetoe velodrome

  2. I think this is my old Holdsworth! the 3ttt seat post was painted by me in the italian tri colour my Father Gerry Carter ( who also is on the start list on the early Wiseman Tours) bought the bike for me in 1981 i think? I first rode it on the Papatoetoe velodrome!