Thursday, November 21, 2013


I have just started riding the local cycle tracks with Siobhan,
 and much to my surprise, I am really
enjoying them.
I thought they would be, well a little dull I guess.
But no, they are really a lot of fun.
Siobhan and I have been doing a couple of rides a week 
after work after one of us has sorted dinner for the kids.
We usually pack a little snack, a small thermos of
strong sweet black coffee, and off we go.
The cows do sometimes need a bit of persuading to
move off the tracks
We found after a couple of rides of about 40 km
that we would be coming back when it was getting a little dark.
However the paths pop right out in the night light, which is 
quite cool. I have fitted a old battery lamp to Siobhan's bike
in case of emergency. I tried out my modern LED light
but it was to bright and ruined the ambiance of the ride.

I can't help putting up yet another photo of the Mercian, it's so pretty.
So anyway, I am thinking about putting a separate page on the blog
with all the different rides we have done in the bay. If you come over this way
you can check them all out here, some are definitely better than others.

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