Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bertin C38 Track Frame

Yes, more Bertin action,
Just today finished this lovey C38 track frame.
Mid sixties frame #38341
This one was in a pretty sorry state when I got it, 
so I decided it needed the full love..it had been a full
 noise track race bike bike in it's early life, and then turned into
a training bike after being retired from the track in it's later life.
After such a full life. I thought it would be nice to 
bring it back to it's former glory..and then some.
The first thing was to have it fully rechromed.
Gisbourn's Custom Chrome to a fantastic job, thanks guys.
 Next, I fixed the numerous small dents and blemishes,
masking, several coats of etch primer/paint/clear coat etc
and voila..a very pretty C38 Bertin Track bike.
I left the brake holes so it could be used as a town bike by
it's new owner if they wish.

hope you enjoy, I did.


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