Saturday, October 31, 2015


While at work in The Little red bookshop a couple of days ago,
busy doing book stuff, a man entered the shop, carrying
under his arm, what seemed to be some sort of
interesting race bike frame.
Even from a quick glance, one couldn't help but notice a 
bulbous black contraption jutting forth 
from the front of the bike.
Can I help you? I asked.
Would you like this bike?, the man replied, 
 upon hearing the voice,
I immediately recognized that it was Harold,
a gentleman I had brought a very (very) nice set
of 28 hole Mavic Gel 280/Campagnolo wheels from
last year (tied and soldered even).
It turns out Harold is moving to a smaller house, can't really
take the bike and thought I might like it....
like it! I love it, although not not love at first sight.
The carbon 'TT flight deck', made by Carbonz in Wanganui, 
took some getting my head around, I mean yes it's ugly...
but somehow after a day or two of appraising it, letting it sit
in the context of of it's own time, the less than high style 
early/mid nineties that is, I finally came to see the brutal logic
behind the design, and in it a form of the over the top,
go fast thinking that was inspiring  cycle makers at
and you will see what I mean.
To the bike itself, well for a start it's not a Colnago, it's 
a New Zealand built Vincolo, apparently built for
NZ Olympic rider Lee Vertongen.
Garry Buys, who started Vincolo, was a very innovative
frame builder, especially his track and TT  frames.
I am going to Palmerston North in a few weeks to do
an interview with him, so stay tuned.
The frame is fillet brazed from Columbus Max, a tubing 
set that has quite a loyal following among collectors. 
I can see why, the tubes firstly have a really beautifully
rounded tone when you 'ping' them with your finger nail.
They sound light, if that's a possible sound.
The tubes are all contoured, and flatten off at the joins, 
they have complete aero rear triangle, and their
own aero forks, which are very pretty.

I am not sure if the aero head tube is factory, but I am sure the 
aero foil on the B/B has been locally fabricated...nice.

So after taking these photo's last night, I got all fired up,
and assembled the bike into a reasonable riding condition.
 I have to have at lest one ride before I restore it back into
in original Vincolo livery, and put it on display.
 Will let you know how it rolls...

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