Wednesday, September 23, 2015

More Bertins or am I a Francophile?

Here are a couple more Bertin's from the collection.
I have been saving these to do this slightly immature project.
For some reason I thought it would be fun to paint 
three up in the french tri colour.
 I wasn't really that impressed with the 
Bertin decals on the market, so I had my own set recreated, 
which of course was a bigger hassle than it would seem 
on first thought.
Anyway, I am glad I persevered, they came out great...
Just waiting on the foil head badge decals now. 
I have a couple of extra sets for sale....
with foil head badge decal. 

Old style head badge being repainted.

This track bike is a (late) 1950's C38 track bike.
Nervex lugs/DB 531

This is also a 1950's Bertin, model C37.
This one was raced by Peter Baird in the 1954 Empire Games
at Vancouver in Canada in the Road race, in which he won 
Silver, so quite an historic New Zealand frame.

 Lastly is a 1960's(?) frameset C37 again.

After (almost) finishing this project, I am finally 
having to admit to myself, that yes
 I am a bit of a frankophile, I mean, I drive a 1973
Peugeot 504 Ti, own at least seven French race bikes, 
and spend way to much money most days at the 
French baker, up the road from our book shop
damn you Moise, and your delicious almond croissants...
 I'll never look like a hungry, lithe road man with you

By the way, if Bertins are your thing,
there is only one place to go... 
Jim's  Bertin Classic Cycles. 


  1. Replies
    1. They are quite a nice set, thanks.
      I am just getting ready to restore five Mitchell's, which should be a bit of fun.

  2. Hey mate, love your blog. Who produces your decals? I have a 1930's Empire that needs bringing back to life....