Friday, July 10, 2015

PX 10 Update

A while back I found a 1978(?) Peugeot PX 10, 
which didn't have many of it's original components 
left aboard. I did a post here about the beginnings
of that rebuild.
Well here is the finished machine, which I actually
finished quite a while back, a very stylish French
road bike, from a manufacturer with an almost 
unmatched competition history,
hence their well deserved following.

Simplex 410 derailleurs, simple to set up,
nice to use, and (importantly) look pretty good...
especially good for a mid range ensemble.

One of the main reasons I haven't posted this yet, 
was that I didn't have an original
 French wheel set running on the bike.
I finally put together this set of Normandy Luxe Competition
hubs with Super Champion the bike is complete.
Stronglight crankset..of course
Mafac LS brake set, not quite period.  
At lest they are French.


  1. Lovely jobs on the PX 10 and the Mercier SSC. The Mafac LS brakes look so right on the Peugeot and compliment the 105 bis crankset. Thanks for sharing them.