Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Well, just when I thought this Bates couldn't look any cooler, a chance meeting with a fellow enthusiast, netted me something that I had been lusting after for a very long time, a Terry type stop watch holder and stop watch for that classic British TT bike.
Well now I have one, and I have to say it was worth waiting for, I smile every time I see this bit of kit, thanks Sven.

1949 Bates Bar
Here are some photos of the Bates as finished, you can see the full rebuild
of this bike through out this blog, check out the Bates and frame painting posts.
It is a real treasure to ride with this period British fixed TT set up.
Light, fast and responsive.

Nicely worn Chater Lea pedals and chainring.
Pedals look nice, but are very hard to flip around, to get your feet in.
I guess they were really designed for track use.

Burlite front brake works well.

Love this Bluemels "Tour de France" lightweight pump.

When I found these anodized red Airlite hubs recently, I knew this build was complete.

Some bates action, circa 1947

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  1. That Bates is seriously eye candy, you've done an amazing job! I am from Christchurch NZ originally, but I have been in London for the last year and a half, and I've really taken an interest in cycling during that time, so I was really happy to find you through Trademe.

    I'll have to leave England when my Visa runs out, and I was thinking that I will inevitably end up back in NZ at some point, and I assumed it would be impossible to find any vintage English bikes floating around back home, but I guess I was wrong! Where are you finding most of these gems? I found a 1979 Mercian when I moved here, which has started something of a love affair for English bikes for me.