Saturday, May 30, 2009

The comet road bike in the photos below is one I got from Christchurch a while back. It was a bit of a wreck, but you know how it is, I could see through the 20 or 30 years of neglect oil dust and rust to the beauty underneath etc.
So I strapped it on the back of the car with the rest of the South Island bike haul (that's another story), and brought it back up North to it's spiritual home,at lest that was the spin I was starting to put on it for myself, once I had realized how far gone it really was....

It didn't have much of it's original equipment remaining, so I decided to build it up with a Sturmey Archer FM 4 speed I had laced up (with the help of Rob from The Hub in Hastings), but had sat unused in the black hole sometimes referred to as my garage for that past year.

Anyway after being rechromed and a few coats of a nice mismatch two pack paint from the local automotive paint supplier ( a good way to get some nice colours at a pretty good price) I put it all together in the bike in the photos.

It is a good ride, nice and smooth with its fairly long wheel base.However I have had some trouble with the SA hub slipping, so I will take it to SA guru Jim Buger up in Auckland next time I am up there.

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