Saturday, April 22, 2017

Phil O'Shea and Speedy museum exibit.

I have been working (slowly)on a little 
museum/display in the mezzanine floor over my workshop.
  Well maybe a homage to New Zealand cycle racers
and frame builders might be a better description.
I have curated exhibits of my collection in
several museums over the last 10 years, but just
could not continue that commitment in time and money.
So hence the permanent display, which I hope many of 
the riders I have meet and interviewed over the past
decade may come and visit.
 I intend to do several portraits of iconic New Zealand
wheel men to add a little interest to the displays.

Here is my first portrait for the display, it is of  
Phil O'Shea circa 1913.
Read all about Phil O'Shea in The Kennett Bros
book 'Wizard on Wheels' , it's a great read.
I have also been working on a pre war Speedy Cycle
road bike for the exhibit, similar to the machines that O'Shea
used when he was a Speedy team rider.
Here is the Speedy almost as I purchased it.
I was tempted to leave it as is, but it was obviously
not in original condition, so I have stripped it (thanks Neil)
and am restoring it to as close to period as possible. 
 Frame ready for a bit of attention.

Very plain head lugs, many Speedy's have a front window
cut into both head lugs.

 Accles & Pollock logo on fork head tube.

The next portrait will be of Harry Watson, 
New Zealand's first Tour De France Rider (1928).
Harry Watson, on right, in Hubert Oppermans 1928
Ravat-Dunlop Tour De France team.   

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