Sunday, December 6, 2009


The Empire is finally finished. I have taken it out for a couple of short rides, and as usual there is a couple of small finishing touches needed.
However from the time I have ridden it, I can already see that I will be putting a few miles on this one, she is a real sweetie.
I will probably change the Brooks swallow for a B17, I love the look of the swallows, but they just don't suit my arse.

1953 Empire Super 531 frameset.
L.J. Simplex three speed rear derailleur with shifter
Durex block
Simplex front rod derailleur
Stronglite cranks
Simplex chainwheels
Phillips pedals
Brooks Swallow saddle
GB Super Hood brake levers
GB Coureur brake calipers
Cinelli steel stem
Coloral alloy water bottles
Fiamme red label rims
Harden high flange favorite.

GB Super Hood levers, without hoods, nice anodized adjusters though.

By the way, make sure you put your white cloth bar tape on AFTER you have the bike sorted!
At lest that way they might stay a little bit clean, well longer than about one hour, which is how long my stayed clean for.

Cyclo rear drop outs.
Four speed block, but Simplex can only handle three.

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