Thursday, September 17, 2009

Other projects on the go..1952 Empire Superb and Lee's Tandem

Ad from the back cover of a 1951 New Zealand Cycling Review magazine, good inspiration for my restoration.

This particular machine belonged to Lynn Wood of New Plymouth, pictured below.
He rode to victory in the 1962 100 mile Taranaki Round the Mountain classic on this frame.
Lynn was brought this frame in the early 1950's by his Dad, and rode it right through his cycle racing career until the 1970's.

1952 Empire Superb back to bare steel and all ready for the rebuild.
These frames were built and distributed exclusively for Hope Gibbons in the North Island and Eadie Bros in the South Island , built by whom I am not sure of at present but will do some research and see what info I can come with.
 Frame weight 1.94 kg, a very cleanly made machine, check out the front and rear tips, real 50's style...nothing looks better to me, on a vintage racing bike frame than these little touches.

My mate Lee's Royal Enfeild tandem that I am going to restore for him.
This bike has been in Lee's family for a very very long time, so it will be good to get to get it up and running in all it's former glory.
Check out the photo above when it had been set up with a steering wheel, these are a couple of Lee's Dad's mates in Old Blighty late 1960's
Lee is a good guy to talk to if you want some old decals retraced for a restoration, he did the work on the Avanti decals that are on my other blog
You can contact Lee at for graphic or decal work for your restoration, he's the man.
Lee's Great Great Auntie and the Royal Enfeild when new, late 1920's early 30's England.

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