Monday, October 12, 2009


This 1953 French Automoto belonged to Ted Redward, who brought this machine especially to ride in the first New Zealand Six Day Tour, the 1953 Wisemans. Ted rode this bike in all five Wisemans tours 1953-57. This great New Zealand race will be covered in my book Wolves of the Road.

The front brake is a CLB with a really nice little butterfly quick release.
Notice the clover leaf detail in the head lug this was Automoto's distinctive logo.

Automoto sponsored many professional teams. Their most successful period was in the 20's when Henri Pelisser won the Tour de France in 1923 and Ottavio Bottecchia continued the winning streak in 1924 and '25 both in the Hutchinson, Automoto team.

Huret lever operated front derailleur, Magistroni cranks and chainwheels, AD HOC pump, Phillips pedals and Strada toe clips...... these are a few of my favourite things.........


  1. Hello,
    have you seen any serial number written on this bike ?
    I'm trying to build the production model of AuTomoTo and I have no bike like your's in my data

  2. Hihi,

    I have an AuToMoTo from 1952 with almost the same parts, but the rear derailleur have been changed due accident. Can you tell me the model of this delairreur you have here, or do you have more detailled photo of it? So I can restore my own like it should be.

    Your site is super awesome.

  3. Hello there,

    I have been searching this kind of rear derailleur you have here. Do you have more information of it or better picture.

    I have been restoring my AuToMoTo. There was an accident long time ago and the rear derailleur was changed.