Saturday, August 11, 2018

1960's Holdsworth Monsoon

Here is the first Holdsworth I have restored
using my own Holdsworth decal set.

I have had a real problem with many of the decals that
are available on the market (apart from Cyclomondo).
So I couldn't face doing all the work hand 
stripping (thanks Neil), preparing, etch priming, priming, 
sanding, priming, sanding, base coating colour and then
 clear coating all two pack paint systems, only to use
decals that are not quite right,
Here is one of the decals available, can't stand that tone of red.
Here is an original decal, notice that the red is a nicer darker tone
also the very pretty light grey/blue colour in the horse and
border of the shield, and the gold is darker.
 Here is my first prototype , pretty good I
think, I will darken the gold slightly om the next run.
You can also see the 1950s/1960's type 
World Champion strips that I made at the same time.

Anyway here is the finished Monsoon frameset.
For more detailed information on Monsoon, or anything
Holdsworth visit here

For sale here.

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