Saturday, July 15, 2017

Tommy Simpson Carlton Track Bike Tribute

Here is my tribute to the great Tom Simpson.
If you don't know about, or not much about
Simpson go here to read and see all about him.
I came up with the idea to make this tribute
track bike when I saw a photo of Simpson
holding a all chrome Carlton track bike.
After doing a little more research, I found
out that he rode Carlton track bike's right
through his later amateur years and even
into his early professional years, at least
he did when he was riding track back in the UK
 It so happened that I had been after a Carlton
track bike for quite a while, a well used one that
had a awful bright yellow paint job on it.
When I finally got it back to the workshop 
after negotiating it's purchase, I started to
gently scrape the paint back, and was surprised
and very please to find chrome under the paint.
I assumed that the chrome would be buggered,
but was again surprised to find it was in really
good condition, so I was off to a good start.
 After much buffing and polishing, I painted the
red,white and blue strips on the head tube and down tube.
I also picked out the drilled out rear Campagnolo
drop outs in the same colour combination..
quite a sexy touch I thought.
Tommy Simpson was a real star in Europe, but it was back 
in the UK where I think he made his biggest impact,
he really helped change the perception and aspirations
of the local racers growing up reading, watching 
and following his career abroad.
Kelly, Wiggins, Froome etc probably all owe Simpson
 at least a small debt of gratitude, I know Brian Robinson
and Shay Elliot were there first, but somehow it 
was Simpson who captured the imagination. 
 Not quite finished, but you get the idea.
A very serious looking track machine.

Beautiful workmanship is on display everywhere
you cast your gaze on this frame. 
 I had a lot of fun restoring this frame set and building
it up as a tribute to Mr Simpson.


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  1. Adrian-

    That is another splendid restoration/re-creation on the Carlton. It is wonderfully evocative of the period and of Carlton's peak. Tommy Simpson was a hero to English speaking cyclists of the period and his death was truly tragic.Thanks for the post and link.