Sunday, December 11, 2016

1965 Cecil Walker track bike.

This very pretty Australian built Cecil Walker track bike 
was made for Kiwi rider Hugh Grace in 1964.
Hugh (Hugie) Grace was along with his brother
Max, quite prominent in the New Zealand road/track racing 
scene during the 1960's, although because Hugh moved to 
Australia in 1964, locals are probably 
more familiar with his brother.
 Hugh Grace 
N.Z. Cycling magazine Oct. 1971

Hugh, annoyed at not been given an opportunity to be part
of the 1964 NZ Olympic squad, decided to take a trip across
the ditch to Australia to 'cool off'' for a couple of months.
He ended up there for 5 years.
 Living in Melbourne, Huge quickly became involved in the
local cycle racing scene, and as his local shop was 
Cecil Walkers, he had Cecil built him a new track frame.
Hugh told me that Cecil was an extremely likable man, and as
you can see, also a fine frame builder.
Cecil Walker add
Australian Cyclist December 1962.

Before starting his bike business, Cecil Walker was
an international road and track racing star, especially in the USA.
Apparently he is regarded by some to be Australia's
finest track rider, which is really saying something, 
considering the stiff competition for that title.
I especially like the story that he was still riding off
scratch at the age of forty.
Cecil Walker 1920's-30's racing legend.

He open his Cecil Walker Cycles in Elizabeth St,
Melbourne during the 1930's and ran the shop until
he passed away in 1969.
The Shop still operates today.
 It seems all Cecil Walkers (as did many Australian) bikes
had hand painted signwriting, and always beautifully rendered.
  Hugh's name on the top tube, such a nice touch.

Even though I have only closely inspected
about a dozen vintage Australian racing bikes, I will go out
on a limb and say from what I have seen, their best are 
up there with the best in the world.
Tom Harrison winning Gold in the 1962 Empire games
on a Cecil walker track frame.
Frame number W1233

Looking 'just right' a real Aussie classic.

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