Sunday, July 20, 2014

1975 Raleigh Competition Mk II

Here is a 1975 Raleigh Competition Mk II
Model DL 165, for some reason these are rare
over here in New Zealand, in fact all the high end Raleigh's 
of this period are thin on the ground on 
these Shores.
I have a suspicion that this could well be because it
was right in the middle of the American bike boom
of the Seventies, and American was consuming all
 (at lest most) of Raleigh's high end bike out put?
I know that Hills Cycles In Auckalnd 
who had been buying Bertin C37's and track
 bikes direct from the factory since the middle fifties,
couldn't buy any for a couple of years
 in the late seventies because they had all
 been pre brought by an
American agent...first in first served I guess.
This one was originaly brought over in Australia
in 1975 by Barry O'Brien for $289.00.  

 Even though this is third down in Raleigh's range, it
is in my opinion, an exceptionally well appointed machine
straight out of the box.
Brooks professional on the early models, 
Huret Jubilee derailleurs.

 T.A. crank set, Weinmann 999 centre pull
brakes, with cool slotted levers.

Nice sloping fork crown, which it shares with
the top Raleigh Professional.
Only available from 1973-76, so quite a rare peice
of machinery from a company that made a LOT of
Note that the wheel set and Cinelli stem on this bike
are not original equipment.
By the way if anyone out there knows of a reasonably
priced Raleigh Professional Mk IV, whole bike or frame set only
56-58 C-T and are willing to ship to New Zealand 
please let me know here

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