Monday, February 3, 2014


I picked up this bike the other
week on Trade Me for a very cheap price, 
mainly because I had spotted that it had a Cinelli
steel stem with badge, and although the photo
in the add was pretty poor, I was also sure the frame
 had Nervex pro lugs, so what the hell....
 The Cinelli stem, which sparked my interest.
The bike (Oryx) as delivered.

So the bike arrives today, the  first thing I noticed is
that it has a Oryx head badge, and decals, which 
looked fairly original.
I have seen a couple of Oryx bikes around, but nothing
of note, apart from one David Benson has on his flicker,
although this was a later one, and the only nice one
I could find. 
So I put it on the work stand, and notice a Campagnolo
Grand Sport r/d, Benelux f/d, Zeus shifters, GB brakes...

On closer inspection I also noticed that there were two other
holes above and below the Oryx head badge, the plot thickens.
I had thought, when I was originally buying it,
that it might had been a Bertin C37. The colour and 
Nervex lugs were about right, but I could tell straight away
that this wasn't one of theirs, as the seat stay taper is shorter
on all the Bertin frames I have seen (a few), and as it turned out
the badge holes are different, (some early Bertins 
had a nice headbadge), and the frame numbers were wrong.
Nice spear point seat stays.
The Oryx badge removed, notice the two holes
on the centre line.

The next builder that came to mind was Gillott.
The build finish was at a glance,certainly of the caliber
one would expect from them, I have a Gillott track bike, so
I took the calipers out and measured the badge holes, and 
to my happy surprise found a match.
Also the frame numbers (61551)on The B/B  match the 
Gillott style.
This would make the frame build 1961, which matches
very well with the lug set, and components.

I will have to do a little more research to confirm, 
here's hoping......

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